Most Recent Publication

Brooks, A. in collaboration with You, S., Pen, B., Ly, M., Chan, V., & Pen, S., published under the authorship of Cambodian Women’s Education Group. (2011). Still hoping [in Khmer]. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Author.

[To download the whole book in PDF, click here: Still Hoping]


Recent Film Production

Brooks, A., Khan, S., Currie, R., Varela, L., Mora, S., Gonzales, K., Backor, K., Steinbach, L., Michel, D., & Dennison, A. (2009). Immigration: la ruptura de la familia.  Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.

[To view, click this link:]


About Ann Kristen Brooks

Ann K. Brooks is Professor of Adult, Professional, and Community Education. She has worked throughout Asia and in Latin America as an adult educator. Her research focuses on learning at work and organizational effectiveness and change, participatory research and action inquiry, and identity and intercultural relations. Prior to coming to Texas State University, she was an associate professor and coordinator for the Adult and Organizational Learning graduate program at the University of Texas-Austin.
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